PBGUNS (Particle Beam GUN Simulations)

PBGUNS Version 5.2, the leading 2-D simulation code for the design of DC ion and electron sources, now has four new features (as of March 2016):

  • A CAD import module for the PBGUNS Input GUI
  • Robust geometry handling capability
  • Dynamic allocation of the fine mesh
  • Self-consistent concurrent electron and ion simulation

The interactive code PBGUNS 5.2 can simulate virtually any type of 2-D, axially symmetric, relativistic or non-relativistic, electron or ion, gun or beam. PBGUNS automatically determines the plasma emission surface for positive or negative ion emission. The program uses relaxation techniques to solve for the potentials on a large, rectangular array of squares, alternately computing potentials and trajectories. PBGUNS is now employed at a number of national laboratories, universities and industrial concerns in the US, Canada, Japan and Europe for the simulation of all types of particle beams.