Magnetic Fusion

MHD simulation, full-wave RF modeling, plasma jets and disruption mitigation

FAR-TECH has been actively involved in magnetic fusion energy research and development in many areas, in particular in MHD (magnetohydrodynamics) and RF physics through magnetofluid, kinetic, and hybrid simulations. Our work includes the following.

Parallelized MHD Stability Code: FAR-TECH is parallelizing the MHD stability code MARS (MAgneto Resistive Spectrum), which calculates eigenmodes in 2-D axisymmetric toroidal equilibria within ideal MHD, resistive MHD and MHD-kinetic plasma models. The code is a powerful tool for studying MHD and MHD-kinetic instabilities and it is widely used by the fusion community.

The parallel version of MARS is an efficient tool for the simulation of MHD instabilities with low, intermediate and high toroidal mode numbers within both fluid and kinetic plasma models.

Currently, the MARS-F version of the code is parallelized and is available for testing by users. Our tests showed that the parallelized MARS code has a significant performance improvement over the serial version.

Radial component of magnetic field amplitude in an unstable n=1 kink mode in DIII-D

Full-wave RF Simulation: FAR-TECH has been developing a full-wave RF simulation code, including a 3D full-wave hot and cold plasma RF code which implements a cutting-edge meshless finite difference technique.

RF interaction with plasmas is commonly occurring around us. It is one of the fundamental physical phenomena in space and on earth. RF waves have provided a crucial role for advancing the performance of fusion and industrial plasma devices.

An efficient and accurate numerical RF modeling and simulation tool is invaluable for understanding the fundamental physics of the RF waves with the plasmas. It will also help advance RF technology as well as RF-assisted plasma science and technology.

Plasma Jets and Disruption Mitigation: FAR-TECH has developed a novel plasma accelerator using a solid state pulsed power source and a coaxial plasma gun. Two potential important applications of the hyper-velocity high-density plasma jets produced by this plasma gun are disruption mitigation in tokamaks and magnetized target fusion. Nano-particle plasma jets are our next development.