HFSS Simulation

Tools: HFSS, SolidWorks, and in-house particle codes
We can create custom-order designs for your accelerator structures and RF components, with RF tests using HFSS and in-house particle codes.

FAR-TECH has expertise with a wide variety of third-party codes, including HFSS, MAGIC, G4Beamline, PARMELA, and ELEGANT. Parallel-capable codes are run on a parallel cluster with Infiniband interconnect. SolidWorks is used for mechanical CAD, thermal, and stress-strain evaluation. We also develop internal codes for simulating electromagnetic and plasma phenomena, including codes based on the innovative particle-in-cloud-of-points method.

The figures above show, from left to right: a portion of a multi-beam klystron using SolidWorks; the field pattern near the RF coupler, which was obtained by HFSS; and FAR-TECH’s novel accelerator structure. These projects are supported by the U.S. Department of Energy.