DSR Linac

This linear accelerator is suitable for boosting the energy of electrons traveling near the speed of light (v/c ~ 1).

RF Components

FAR-TECH, Inc. provides custom-order design/fabrication of RF components, sources, and accelerator structures.

S-Band Power Divider

This power divider is suitable for particle accelerator and general RF applications.

Solid State Amplifiers

Our high-power solid state amplifiers are strong candidates for replacing current CW klystron RF sources.

Beam Diagnostics

The beam position monitor (BPM) and beam quadrupole monitor (BQM) are non-intrusive to the beam.

Electron Sources

FAR-TECH has engineered a single-cell RF gun and custom DC electron guns.

Plasma Jet Sources

Hyper-velocity and high-density plasma jets or nanoparticle jets can be produced by our novel plasma accelerator.