Plasma Jets

Formation, Acceleration and Delivery; Jet Merging and Liner Formation

FAR-TECH is simulating the creation, acceleration and delivery of high-Mach number, high-density plasma jets for a diverse set of applications from Tokamak disruption mitigation to plasma liner formation. The strength of FAR-TECH lies in its integrated capability in the field – theoretical and physical modeling capabilities for plasma jet accelerators, jet merging and implosion dynamics; simulation capability with LSP and MACH 2; and diagnostic capabilities, with extensive experience in pulsed power technologies.

We utilize LSP extensively and have produced improved models, including an electrode Plasma Ablation/Erosion Model for more realistic treatment of conductor boundary conditions (now incorporated in LSP). In addition, we have developed plasma slug and plasma membrane models, to assist in understanding plasma dynamics and to guide the application of sophisticated codes. Currently, we are developing an innovative, adaptive, meshless, hybrid code to improve computational efficiency while capturing the critical physics.

Some of the specific areas of current work include:

  • Formation and subsequent acceleration of plasmas in various plasma gun geometries
  • Stability of the density and magnetic structure of the accelerating plasmas
  • Effect on plasma jet density and magnetic structure when ejected from gun structures
  • Merging of plasma jets
  • Penetration of plasma jets into magnetic barriers