PBGUNS Output: Positive Ion Beam

A positive ion beam is shown below. Here, a focused beam of H+ particles is extracted from a plasma source. The focusing electrode permits the generation of a beam that is actually converging as it exits the simulation. This is a basic design developed interactively and needs to be refined (also interactively) for experimental development.

Trajectories and equipotentials for positive ion beam extraction.

The equipotentials on the fine mesh; PBGUNS automatically determines the plasma surface.

The equipotential plot of the fine matrix is shown above. The plasma surface is determined automatically by the program. The fine matrix region layout is also determined automatically by PBGUNS. The exit plane current density distribution is seen in the plot below. The current density from the space-charge density matrix, current density distribution on the last cycle (it lies on top of the first plot), and finally the extrapolated current distribution 10 units away are plotted.

The current density distribution at the exit plane and 10 units beyond are plotted.

The emittance plot below shows the converging beam developed above.

The emittance plot for the beam at 8.0 on the z-axis.