December 2015 - Version 5.2 is released. The following improvements have been made:


  • A CAD import module that can interpret STEP format.
  • More descriptive names for many of the variables.


  • A clean re-implementation of the geometry handling code, which addresses several issues.
  • Dynamic allocation of the fine mesh, which is no longer limited to 2000x2000 grid points.
  • Improved beam save/restore functionality using the IRST option, which now works with any geometry configuration.
  • Self-consistent concurrent electron and ion simulation in a drift (with ISCS >0).

January 2014 - PBGUNS Demonstration Video is released. This provides an introduction to PBGUNS, including a demonstration of how to set up and run a simulation using PBGUNS and the Input GUI.

September 2013 - Version 5.1 is released. The following improvements have been made:


  • Added a geometry display in the input GUI, allowing the user to view the PBGUNS problem geometry while editing PBGUNS input files.


  • Incorporated dynamic memory allocation at runtime for all coarse-grid-related arrays and matrices, eliminating the former maximum problem size parameters NZZ and NRR. Associated memory allocation is now limited only by available 32-bit addressable memory.
  • Added a new command line argument option allowing PBGUNS problems to run with minimal user interaction. Usage from a DOS shell is:
    DOS Shell > PBGUNS.exe crt.dat 100,
    where the two arguments are the input file and number of loops. When using command line input, PBGUNS will mute most interactive actions including file selection, the restart menu, hitting a button to plot, mouse focus, etc.
  • Added convergence data output to filename.CVG, where “filename” is the input file name.
  • Created DOS script to automate running of all the example problems included with PBGUNS.
  • Removed the previous 32-character limitation on directory names. PBGUNS can now be executed from any directory.
  • Corrected current distribution plot for hollow beams problems.


  • Fixed an out-of-bounds problem in the routine which converts an r-r' plot to an x-x' plot. Additionally, the user can now set both x and x' ranges for the output plots.

February 2013 – Version 5.05 is released. This includes updates and bug fixes in the manuals and Input GUI.

PBGUNS NEWS – Prior to 2013

January 2011 – The XXP program will now export the x-x' emittance data (to the text file xxp.dat), in addition to plotting it.

June 2010 – The input GUI is updated to handle the IBMAG = 1 case.

May 2010 – A new GUI for editing PBGUNS input files is added to the package.

February 2010 – FAR-TECH acquires the exclusive rights to PBGUNS.