DSR Linac

This linear accelerator is suitable for boosting the energy of electrons traveling near the speed of light (v/c ~ 1).

RF Components

FAR-TECH, Inc. provides custom-order design/fabrication of RF components, sources, and accelerator structures.

S-Band Power Divider

This power divider is suitable for particle accelerator and general RF applications.

Solid State Amplifiers

Our high-power solid state amplifiers are strong candidates for replacing current CW klystron RF sources.

Beam Diagnostics

The beam position monitor (BPM) and beam quadrupole monitor (BQM) are non-intrusive to the beam.

Electron Sources

FAR-TECH has engineered a single-cell RF gun and custom DC electron guns.

Plasma Jet Sources

Hyper-velocity and high-density plasma jets or nanoparticle jets can be produced by our novel plasma accelerator.



PBGUNS can simulate 2-D, axially symmetric, relativistic or non-relativistic, electron or ion, guns or beams.


EBIS-PIC simulates ion beam dynamics and the evolution of ion charge states in an EBIS.


CHASER simulates the time evolution of charge states of ions in charge breeders. This code can be downloaded for free.


Our Monte-Carlo Charge Breeding Code can model the capture and charge breeding of a beam of ions injected into a plasma.